Thursday, August 1, 2013

Making Marriage Work

*We like being silly.  This is not a representation of how we feel about marriage.  ;)

The other day I read about a couple named David and Lauren Blair.  They met in 1982 and married in 1984.  To date, they have married 106 times.  They wed a lot.  They wed on holidays and leap years. Their marriages are ways to keep the love alive.  

Personally, I think that is absolutely adorable.  

It isn't easy in this day and age to keep a relationship strong.  I am by no means whatsoever an expert, but I am doing my best to do just that.  

When I got engaged friends of mine took me out to lunch.  These friends were ALL divorced.  They wanted to share what they learned with me.

Diana shared that it is important to always say "I love you."  She said that I should never assume that my husband knows it.  

Laurie told me that every day should begin and end with a kiss.

Janet reminded me of the importance of prayer.  She said that it was vital to pray for my husband each and every day.

Kathy said snuggle as much as possible.

Carrie said appreciate all sides of your husband.

Oh and my uncle...who wasn't there at the time said "get a maid."  What can I say.  He knows me well.  

All of these things have been very natural for me and my husband (well the maid thing is rough, that cleaning stuff is divided equally).  I am happy to say that not a day has gone by without me telling my husband that I love him and appreciate him.  There are days that have gone by in which I haven't smooched my sweetie, but that is only when I have been away on business or he has been away visiting family. God has been very good to us.   

We aren't wealthy by any means, but we have what we need.  I'll take love.  

I am thankful each and every day for a guy who is sweet, kind, loving and funny.  I am thankful to my God for getting me through the tough times (and boy oh boy were there tough times) so I can appreciate the sweet.

And really, what is sweeter than a guy willing to don a fake mustache just to make his wife giggle?

Did you get any special relationship advice from friends and family?


  1. This is fantastic advice and such a cute couple! Thanks for sharing - there are always ways to improve your marriage :)

  2. Lovely story and great advice!
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    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett