Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Weeks You Just Run Around Like a Chicken with their head...well, you know

It has been one of those weeks.  Well kind of two of those weeks.  Everything has been GREAT, but it has also been a bit crazy.  President's Day came and went here with appreciation, but still a need to work.  We introduced our newest cat Miles to our cat Dizzy, we had a snow storm, and a sick teenager.  

And now we have a HUGE concert tomorrow at the US Airways Center arena in Phoenix, The Rock and Worship Roadshow, and getting set for that has been CRAZY!  I did my first Christian artist interview for my station and also learned to edit the interview.  This all had to be done pretty quick for air.  It was scary, exciting, interesting (the interview and the editing) and I am happy I have my first one under my belt. 

I interviewed Rhett from the Rhett Walker band which was beyond exciting for me.  I have really been crazy about the band since I first stumbled on a sing just before their CD release.  I proceeded to tell everyone I knew about them, and asked every label rep I speak to if they knew about them and especially one from Provident to find out if she was promoting them for our station.  She was and she kindly even sent me an album (I swear I wasn't fishing for that-but was happy for it and have since purchased several for family members) and was so excited when our program director added them to our playlist. 

The lead singer, Rhett has a voice that totally reminds me of my 90s fave Chris Cornell.  The band has a very southern rock/alternative Christian kind of vibe and lyrically, the songs speak to a place a lot of us have been.  Here's their lyric video song "When Mercy Found Me."  If you listen to nothing else, listen to this song.

Their second release from their album is "Come to the River."  Here you can learn a little bit more about Rhett and his journey.

So anyway, it has been a busy week. The Rock and Worship Roadshow is this Saturday. We are really excited about this event because it is a unique opportunity to see some wonderful Christian artists covering many genres. It is one of those events really for the whole family and neighborhood too. It is an event that just as a radio station, we count the seconds and work our tails off. What goes on with the concert end must be CRAZY. They are hoping to work on a Roadshow movie, so we will learn more about that someday.  :)  Here is the line up for tomorrow's show:
Jeremy Camp
Family Force 5
Rhett Walker Band
Adam Cappa
Andy Cherry (Tim Simmons in other places)

 Oh and today we are announcing a line up for an even BIGGER concert right here in our own back yard (well not literally).  So it is going to stay crazy baby!

I plan on writing quite a bit on Sunday after church and getting out everything that has been going on in my head.  For now I am just happy that God is in control, because I definitely am not.  I hope that you have a blessed and wonderful weekend.  

Isaiah 40:31  but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Let's soar!


  1. Nice Read Kelly! I hope you get a lot of writing done tomorrow :)

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  3. Im having one of those hard weeks also. We are starting our move process tomorrow. Military moves are super stressful. I hope your week gets better!