Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

**My husband got his hair cut today.  While I waited for his hairdresser to complete his cut, I played with the camera on my phone. 

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and my friends it was awesome!!!!!!  Sorry for the excessive exclamation points, but really, it pretty much rocked.

Here's my day in a nutshell:

Day before Valentine's Day, my husband came home from work with these in his arms.

He knew that I had to work early in the morning at the station, and he wanted to make sure I had an early Valentine's Day smile.  He is seriously a sweetheart.  One of my other Valentine's gifts came in early too, and this one really made me excited.  Ever since I watched Hungry for Change, I have REALLY wanted a juicer.  Well my dearest most awesomest husband EVER got me a JUICER!!!!!!

I don't have a picture yet (I still have to set it up), but here is the linkymajig from Amazon.

Total Awesomeness right?  I can't wait to learn and get into some juicing.  No overboard stuff, but I really want to make better choices and changes.  I really think this would be a big help.

Valentine's Day itself started really early. We had a special event at our station, a Valentine's Day drive thru where listeners could drive up on their way to work to pick up a free rose to give to a friend to brighten their day, a chocolate, and coffee and a pastry for themselves.  It was wonderful!  So many people showed up to brighten up someone's day.  It was so nice being a part of it.  :)

One of the best parts of the morning was when my husband stopped by on the way to work to give me a present for Valentine's Day that I wasn't expecting.

The picture barely does it justice.  One of Scott's friends makes the most beautiful blown glass pendants and ornaments.  This was a special surprise.  I still need to get a cord for it, but for now It rests on a silver chain during the day, and in the safety of a beautiful china bowl that I picked up last weekend for jewelry.  He gives me a heart of some sort every year.  This is possibly my favorite.  :)

My gift was more difficult.  Scott's birthday is just a few days before Valentine's Day.  I had already purchased a Nano for him, but I had no idea what else to get.  I didn't want to go the old route of chocolate and cologne so I gave him a membership to the "Monthly Treats from your Sweets" club.  This month's treat:

-Trek Mix
-Roasted Almonds
-Mile Chocolate Bar (got to have a little chocolate on the day of love)
-Three types of jerky.
-Loads of pretty sparkly hearts.  

Next month...I don't know, but I am really excited about spending time every month creating a basket just for the love of my life to let him know that each day and each month, I am happy that HE is my Valentine.  :)

I hope that your day was special too!


  1. You guys spoiled each other with totally great gifts. I love the monthly one coming in. I'm glad your day was a happy one. :)

  2. Sounds like a great valentine's day! I love the pendant :)

  3. Glad you hard a wonderful Valentine's!!! Can't wait for you to share your juicing experiences. I have been thinking about getting one too!!

    Take care,

  4. I love romance and just enjoying showing each other how much you care:) Too Super Sweet!!

    Have a awesome day!

    PS Hope to see you at Lets Get Social Sunday this morning:)

  5. Your hubby did gooooood! I love your idea; sounds like a win-win; you will have fun doing it and he will have fun being on the receiving end! Happy Sunday; hope you can rest and recoup today... xoxo jules

  6. OMG! BEFORE Valentine's Day? And then he stops by work? AWESOME husband!!

  7. Does your husband have a brother? Enjoy your treats! The glass heart is LOVELY!!! And Juicers are awesome, trust me.

  8. oh my god, that pendant is beautiful! I am glad you were spoiled on this special day and enjoyed every minute of it :)

  9. So awesome that you think so highly of your husband! Nowadays bashing husbands seems to be the thing to do.
    So nice and refreshing to hear someone hold their husband in high esteem.
    Great Valentines day gifts! You all are so sweet to each other!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. What an amazing Valentine's ... and that heart glass necklace is gorgeous. What a talent to have. I am glad you have a great day. I didnt do much on the 14th, but I get to celebrate this week. So, I am excited!

    A Day in Durham

  11. Your heart pendant is so pretty, I love it! When I was younger, I started collecting blown glass flowers. What a great Valentine's Day you had. Have a great weekend!