Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Ways Are Not His Ways

 *Flowers on the grounds of the Tickle Pink Inn in Carmel, California (my husband and I spent our first and second honeymoon there).

Sometimes we have one thing in mind and God has another.  

About a month ago, as I was seeking God for His will for my life, I felt a strong call to go to next year's She Speaks Conference.  The thing is...I of course was not sure if I was hearing God right.  I did tell Him that I certainly would like to go if it was His will and I would do what I could to do so with His help (sometimes that is the hardest thing to ask for).  His help is desperately needed because financially...this is pretty much an impossibility.  I do not have much budget wiggle room.  I also have no idea really what the whole event will cost.  It isn't just registration (which has not been posted yet).  I will also need to fly down and miss a day's pay.  No big deal for my God...especially if it is His will. 

I told God that I would do what I could to spend my money wisely and also find money.  I know that probably sounds weird, but you never know when you will see a penny and pick it up.  After that I began parking in the far parts of grocery parking lots (or wherever else I was shopping) in hope of finding a random coin here and there.  Thanks to debit cards...this probably will not be a windfall.  Still each time I'd walk, I'd pray and look just in case.  The other day I did my usual thing at the grocery store, parked far away and prayed again asking God if maybe I'd find a little something "Father, even a dime would be cool." I said...nope not a dime.  BUT...what God did do is this...after paying for my groceries, the cashier handed me the receipt and the coupons that print out, and guess what?  One of those coupons was $3 off my next order!!!  

Now you might be thinking "Kelly, you realize that is only a coupon right?"  That is what is so cool about God!  I thought smallish...a penny a dime...I didn't care...just anything that would show me God was in it too.  Of course God thinks things differently. Isaiah 55:8 says "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways."  He supplied beyond what I asked with $3 in the form of money off of my next grocery run...pretty much also making sure that I was in it too.  Obviously $3 and the small change I have gathered thus far is a drop...but it is in the is a start.  

I bet if you think about it, He is surprising you too.  How is God showing you His way?


  1. That's how it all starts with God. You do your part and He will always do his. Praying you hear from God in even a bigger way for your life.

  2. I think that is great! We are the same way, no budget wiggle room. But if you are really determined, every little bit can really add up and God can do wonders! PS Thanks for stopping by my blog, The Loose Screw!