Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Bit of What I Learned from Five Minute Friday

I have only participated in two Five Minute Fridays.  I am already in love!

Five Minute Friday

This Friday's writing prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday was WRITER.  As I read different posts, I discovered new thoughts that were inspired from other writers.  When a writer helps you learn more about yourself, I believe you should take note.  As I read each writer, I learned not only about them but about how their words impacted my thoughts on writing and on being a writer.  I also believe you should express thanks.  I am not done reading.  I am hoping to get more time in today to enjoy other posts and offer encouragement.  I am not citing everyone I read, but certain posts brought my mind to a clarity of my own thoughts that I hadn't expected.  Thank you to everyone for sharing your hearts and your words.  This is a little bit of what I learned about me.

When reading Julia's post at Learning To Grow, Daring to Love - I realized that I am not the only one who has a moment of "YIKES" when thinking of claiming the title "writer."  The writer prompt was tough for me.  I did learn that you do not have to be making a living at anything to claim it as part of who you are, because God has made this part of who you are.  A calling from God is for His purposes.  He may want me to write in order to simply heal my own heart, and considering the life I have lived, that is a strong possibility.  It has been my therapy and tool for learning at times.  I am so encouraged that many are embracing that they are writers because that is really a part of God's identity. 

I was blessed by Adrienne's encouragement at Life with Intention and Adrienne reminded me that a part of writing is often encouraging.  She was very encouraging with her post.  She reflected the love of the Lord with her encouragement.  I think that as readers we should encourage writers.  Encourage them whether they are taking steps with a blog or releasing a novel.  I believe Jesus would love if we would do this. 

Jamie at Love isn't Love until It's Given Away shared words that touched my heart and reminded me that I am writing and using that gift in many ways from a card to family member to writing down happenings and experiences in my life.  I walked away encouraged to embrace it all.  I will.

Jemelene's post was so powerful and compelling.  I was reminded how there are some stories only we can tell.  If we stifle that story within, how will others know the beauty of the life we live.  Jemelene shared the writer in her daughter who has no words but expresses her story in a most beautiful way.

Through Kelly Greer at Kelly Writes, I was reminded of how if we look back, we can often see these flags that God placed in our lives that show us this call to write and express everything in words.  Sometimes we need to ask God to bring those memories up.  In His time He will. 

Reading Becky's post at Moments by Becky Keife reminded me that sometimes I simply write to see God's hand in my life.  When I record these happenings, I remember them and we all need to remember His work.  We have a very alive and active God.  Let's keep that in mind.  Writing helps me with that. 

 When I read the post at Father Says... I was reminded of how the writer truly shapes our perception of a story.  A writer leads you through the story and often shows you as much as they tell you.  In fact, a writer may tell you even more with what they show you.

From Cheryl at Realing In Life, I realized I need to embrace my dream.  If I am not willing to cling onto it with both hands, it really is far more likely to slip away.

As I said, I'm not finished yet.  I hope to get at least ten more read tonight.  If you participated in Five Minute Friday this week's or any, what have you learned?


  1. OOOO, this is a great idea w/ FMF. i LOVE it. FMF is teaching me a lot more than I ever thought possible. It's a blessing. Thank you for posting this!

  2. This is a great idea, to "report" what you've gleaned from the other 5 Min Fridays. I love reading around and picking random ones ... so many times they we are all on the same "page" which is encouraging on most days especially in areas where we struggle.