Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REVIEW - Popcornopolis - Near Naked Popcorn

As you might know from my description of myself as "fluffy," I am hoping to get a little "un-fluffy."  This causes me to go on the hunt for special low cal treats.  No joke, I am really trying here.  

Last week was my stations Spring gift drive, and I am happy to say that we made our goal (God is very, very awesome and our listeners really do understand the vision of the ministry) and I discovered a pretty yummy treat. 

That treat is Popcornopolis Near Naked popcorn.  Here is a little totally uncompensated info.  Yes my friend it is so good I am telling you this for no other reason than it is THAT good.

Facts Straight From The Bag:

33 Calories Per Cup

0g Trans Fat

Pure Coconut Oil

Certified Gluten-Free

Non GMO Project Verified
Oh the ingredients!

Popcorn, Coconut Oil (tree nut), Salt.

So here's the skinny.  My co-worker Nancy picked up the gigantic bag of Popcornopolis Near Naked popcorn at Costco for an extra snack during our gift drive because it was the last day and we were running low.  She alerted me about it, because we have both been trying to eat better and it had such perfectly simple ingredients.  I grabbed a cup and noticed immediately that it was a perfectly lovely white popcorn.  No joke.  I have become so accustomed to white popcorn, I get a little unnerved by yellow.  No big.  Just sharing.  The popcorn had this subtle taste that I can only ascribe to the coconut oil (I pan pop popcorn with coconut oil and it has that same light taste).  It is salted but just enough.  In other words the flavor is enhanced but you will not walk away with that weird sandpaper lip thing other packaged popcorn can leave you with.  

Delicious!  Genius!  I had to have more.  

So today I picked up my own.  

20 ounces of hugeness just $7.99 (that is 20 one cup servings).  Well at Costco anyway.

Doesn't it look pretty?

You might have heard of Popcornoplis before, they make some pretty yummy flavored up popcorn too in all kinds of flavors like pecan chocolate, cupcake, jalapeno cheddar, cinnamon toast, chipotle jack, caramel (of course), lemon haven, zebra and many, many more.  Check them out here. I'd say if you are into sending unique holiday gifts, their Easter tin would be a pretty awesome treat (one of the flavors in it looks like the cupcake type).  

My purpose here though is simply this, THE STUFF ROCKED!  Really, if you are into popcorn and maybe occasionally do not want to make your own (kind of where I am some mornings), but want the healthy goodness you can get from it, check out Popcornopolis and their Near Naked style.  Hopefully it will be in a store near you.  You'll dig it.  Plus you can even add a few things.  I shook some nutritional yeast on mine (I love Hippy Popcorn). 

So what is your latest treat discovery?  I would love it if you shared!

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