Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Woman I Long To Be

First let me just say that I am not hating on myself here.  I know that God loves me and I do not need to compare myself to anyone else.  However, I have come to realize that I simply desire to do more than I have.  I have goals, but I haven't been doing too well at drawing closer to them.  

I so often have thought about "someday."  Someday I'll lose this excess weight.  Someday I'll get up early and write and read the Bible all the time and not just occasionally.  Someday I will have a little self discipline.  Someday I'll stop procrastinating.  Someday I will change things.  Well, today is someday.  Today is the first day that I will live as the woman I long to be.  Let's call it a mini experiment.  You read about the woman in Proverbs 31.  Well, I'd like to be like that woman.  Actually no.  I want to be the woman that God has called me to be.  So I am going to live the way I think I would be living IF I had it a little more together.  

Make sense?

Hopefully it will.

Basically I am going to take action.  Some of these things I do often.  These are things I want to do all the time.  I want to live the life I want to live.  It is high time I get started.  I guess that is what a phantom back injury and a bout of depression will do to you.

The woman I long to be:

--Gets up early to spend time in God's word.
--Writes daily.
--Eats breakfast each day.
--Gets the exercise she can even with an injury at least five days a week.
--Makes healthy food choices.
--Encourages others daily.
--Drinks more water than coffee or even iced tea.
--Prays for her husband daily.
--Prays for her son daily.

You know what?  I'm excited!


  1. I was feeling so guilty that I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of prayer (almost always if it's bed time). I heard Joyce Meyer on TV saying she falls asleep all of the time, wakes up says a few more things to God, falls asleep again, etc. I laughed and was so relieved it's not just me! Sleep praying I Think she called it. ;) I'm working on it though. It is still something I want to get better about. Good luck with your list!

    1. You gave me the giggles. I can picture Joyce and you praying and sleeping. I do that now with my husband too. I talk in my sleep though. :) Thanks for the well wishes. I really feel good about this. :)