Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Weeks - My New Year's Resolution in Two Week Bites

**I took a picture of these flowers on the grounds of the Tickle Pink Inn in Carmel, CA.

Ahhhh when the New Year rolls in, we all have so many exciting plans!  The idea of a fresh start is so exhilarating!  The plan making so fun!  It is kind of like dreaming about winning the lottery.  The possibilities are endless.  Then the new year begins and the the day and and day out begin, and it is all...well...a bit daunting. 

I decided that rather than make myself any firm commitments of total change for the year, I would instead make two week changes.  If I like them, I will go for two more.  If not, I will drop them without feeling guilty.  I like that part the best.  I figure that I can do anything for two weeks.  And trying different things every two weeks sounds pretty awesome.  I don't know what each plan will be for the two week intervals, but I do know that I will focus on many aspects of my life.  

 Now I do have ONE resolution.  I picked up a pretty awesome devotional from Billy Graham.  I do plan on reading that each and every day.  Other than that, it is all going to be a work in progress two weeks at a time.


As the new year has not begun yet, but the beginning of the week has, I am beginning my first two weeks with working on softening up my seriously thyroid and winter-dry skin.  Being hypothyroid makes this already a problem.  Add in the winter, and it is all over.  For the next two weeks, I will be following my endocrinolgist's advice and try Milk of Magnesia on my elbows and feet.  He said it will soften them right up.  I've been putting off trying it, but I'm ready now, we'll see how it all works out.  

Does this seem like a silly and small first step for the new year?  Maybe.  But it is my first start in trying something new and seeing if something I heard about actually works. 

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