Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First Mom's Night Out

**That's my mom.  A former Arthur Murray's dance instructor, she liked to party.  Just sayin'.**

When I heard about the movie "Moms' Night Out," I thought about my own moms' night out.

First, it wasn't really a moms' night out, because it was really just for my friend Lisa.  Lisa had a little boy who was about a year and a half old.  She drove up to visit me in Maine for a weekend getaway.  She pretty much was in the point of single motherhood where your biggest trip out is to the grocery store or pediatrician.  She was a student and a single mom.  There simply wasn't a lot of free time.

"I just want to go out" I remember her saying.

I wanted her to have a fun visit so I talked my aunt into babysitting so we could have some girly fun.  Back in the 90s that meant dinner and some dancing.  Back in the winter of Maine...that meant snow.  Lots of snow.

Lisa and I got dolled up to our absolute cutest (we were in our early 20s...and...pretty stinkin' cute) and hit the town.  Dinner was pretty much forgettable.  Dancing was sublime.  We had a great time just cutting loose, singing very loudly and enjoying some girl talk.  When 2 AM rolled around, we got set to leave the club and decided a late night breakfast was in order.

As we left the club, we were surprised to find a






"Should we just get home?" I asked kind of hopeful. 

"NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" Lisa pretty much yelled.  Nah...she yelled.  She was going to get as much living in this one evening as she could.  Besides, we were girls from the East...we could handle a little snow.  We figured, it can't be dangerous if people are out and about.  


So off we went to the only breakfast place we knew would be open...Denny's.

All was well until we almost hit the parking lot.  A big truck was headed in our direction.  It was spinning.  It was REALLY spinning.  Somehow it only partially hit us.  It clipped Lisa's bumper.  We pulled into the lot.  It didn't look too bad.  Since we were already there, Lisa figured we might as well enjoy some breakfast.







Told you she was going to get a lot of living in this night. 

The night mellowed after that.  We ate a bunchy kind of meal with the truck guy and two other guys that we had hung out with at the club.  One of the guys got lippy with the truck dude.  We all tried to laugh it off.  Well, all of us except the lippy guy.  Finally we called it quits, because once one person sours an evening, you just have to walk away.

Now I don't know how "Moms' Night Out" will unfold, but what about you?  Have you ever had a moms' night out?  How'd it go?

If you are interested in checking out "Moms' Night Out" here's a little trailer peek. 

Oh and big PS here. I posted this because I really remembered my mom's night out and the movie came out. I thought it would be fun. No compensation was given here. No giveaways are to be had. Darn....sorry...still Happy Mother's Day ya'll.

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