Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dreaming and Planning

*I like to dream in flowers.

This weekend my husband and I took a little day trip up to Pine, Arizona.  It was a wonderful drive. We were surrounded by trees and mountains, and the farther we went the cooler it became.  It reminded me of just how much I miss road trips and just heading out with no real agenda.  Our main agenda was just to get out and about, because my husband had to work the last weekend, and I had to work the two weekends before that. 

Ahhh the absolute joy of nowhere to go and as much time as you want in a day to get there.  It was a total dream.  I'll have to see if I can get some photos from my husband.  The highlight (well there were several) was a totally crazy downpour.  I love a good summer rain storm, especially here in Arizona.  One of the others was getting ice cream at the Gingerbread House.  I don't know if it is homemade or not.  I could have sworn the sign said it was, but I did read a Yelp review that said it was from a company called Lapperts.  Either way...it rocked.

Once we came home, I was travel obsessed.  I made my husband watch an RV show from HGTV that we recorded via the DVR a short time ago.  It was full of seriously fancy models and definitely far beyond our budget.  How far?  Like buying a great house in the country out of our budget. I didn't really have a big interest in the fancy RVs.  As cool as they are with all the modern conveniences, I couldn't imagine driving one around.  I am more into the retro types like a nice vintage Shasta.  My husband is way more into the modern ones, but after watching the show, he decided that my ideal was a far better plan.  Here are a couple of cool ones I saw online that have inspired me and set a new savings goal in motion in order to one day own a little beauty of my own.

I saw this one on Pinterest.

This one was at RetroTrailerDesign.com

To be honest, they don't even have to start out all that nice. I'm happy to start low and work our way up. I am just definitely IN LOVE!  Next step is the plan on how to get some pennies saved for one of these cuties.  Ahhh but that will be for tomorrow.

Do you have any absolute dream items calling your name?

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  1. My parents finally retired, bought a RV, and now they travel for months on end... I'm so glad their dreams came true! :) Danica