Friday, December 21, 2012

30 Days of Christmas Movies - The Heart of Christmas

I have been enjoying a plethora of Christmas movies with the goal of seeing 30 before Christmas.  I am going to probably have a blogging extravaganza to cover what I have seen, but today it is all bout movie number six "The Heart of Christmas."

Movie 6
The Heart of Christmas

Starring: Candace Cameron Bure, George Newbern, Jeanne Neilson, Eric Beck, Karl T. Wright, Dendrie Taylor, Burgess Jenkins, Anita Renfroe, Erin Bethea, and Matthew West.

"The Heart of Christmas" is a movie inspired by the story of the Locke family, and how their community in Illinois all supported young Dax and his family, by decorating the whole neighborhood for Christmas in October to bless this sweet boy who had been battling cancer.  In fact people all over the world decorated in the Christmas spirit for Dax that year. 

My review:  Whoa!  First of all, I totally have wanted to see this movie since it was released last November 2011.  One of my favorite singer-songwriters Matthew West wrote this song called "One Last Christmas" inspired by the family and Dax's story.  It is a song that tugs right at your heart.  When I found out that a movie would be made, I knew I had to watch it, yet...I couldn't bring myself to do it until this month.  In the end, I am soooo glad that I did.  "The Heart of Christmas" is a touching story of a family's love and of joining together to support one another in anyway we can.  It is also a story of living life now, enjoying each moment and cherishing every experience and person around you.

"The Heart of Christmas" shares the story of the Locke family through memories captured in the mom's blog as she and her family deals with their son's cancer treatment.  Another mom, reads the blog and we see how the Locke's story can impact other's lives.  It is a story that should impact lives.  We are all blessed, no matter what the circumstances, with the time we have.  Dax's family learns this, the community learns this, and we as viewers catch on too.  Will you cry?  I can't imagine you not.  I cried, and my husband cried.  There was certainly a sadness felt, but also inspiration.  :)

I'd rate "The Heart of Christmas" four candy canes out of five.

I watched "The Heart of Christmas" via Netflix streaming, but I also own it.  I picked up my copy at  Family  Christian Stores.  :) 

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