Thursday, March 28, 2013

Checking In On My 5/2 Diet

**My dream foods when I am not dieting.  OOOOH how I love olives. 

Well, I am in week four of the 5/2 diet or Fast diet.

What I have learned so far:

-Spaghetti squash rocks with a little Pecorino Romano and two tablespoons of tomato paste.
-Bigelow Plantation Mint is extremely helpful for taking the edge off the hunger pangs.
-I REALLY LOVE COFFEE.  I miss it on both of my 500 calorie days.  
-This diet is really completely doable.

Results thus far:
Week one I went from 170 to 168
Week two I went from 168 to 167 (I also had my period so losing ANYTHING was a blessing)
Week three I went from 167 to 165
I will weigh in on Monday to get my latest total.  

So far so good.  I don't feel deprived for long, and I am happy to be able to work this diet around my life.  I have a pledge drive next week at the radio station which means there will be a lot of goodies in the office and a lot of eating on the fly.  I am going to do my best to follow the plan.  I am going to do my 500 calories on Monday so I only have to squeeze in one more 500 calorie day when I am surrounded by tons of food.  :)

I am comfortable with this rate of weight loss.  If I lose one pound a week, I will definitely be happy.  It will be a long haul, but definitely worth it. 


  1. You are doing great!! Keep it up!! :o)

    1. Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it. I am so glad to see some results.

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