Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finger's Crossed - Giveaways I've Got My Eye On -

**Just some pretty in a surprising place.  :)

For fun I entered some giveaways today.  Take a gander, you might see something you would like to enter too.  :)

Get your chance to win a $50 AMEX gift card via L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur (ooooh yummy stuff) and Woman Tribune!  It may be my age, but this is definitely my kind of giveaway and L'Oreal has always had my kind of products.  This giveaway ends on April 1st.  Enter here.

I am continually trying to improve my life and make better choices that are not just good for the family but also the environment so when I saw a great giveaway at Peace Love Organic Mom for a three month subscription to The Conscious Box, I simply could not pass it up.  This giveaway ends on April 8. Enter here.  If you want another chance, you can try your hand at The Mama Report who has the same giveaway ending on April 6.  Enter that here.

We love flowers in my house, but the one thing we don't love is they soon pass away.  The idea of getting some flowers that look good and taste good...not a bad trade off.  Oh, and the flowers look like cookies.  Well, there you go, I'm in.  Cookie Gift Baskets has a giveaway for some divine flower cookies.  Can you imagine how great it would be to get that delivery? This giveaway ends on April 7.  Enter here.

I love coconut oil.  I cook with it often, and man it is amazing for popping popcorn.  Like beyond amazing!  I even have tried their peanut butter with coconut oil.  Another excellent product.  Tropical Traditions is hosting a giveaway at Mom's Plans for a tub of their fantastic Gold Label Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  If you have always wanted to try coconut oil or if you are already a firm lover, you should enter the giveaway.  Hurry though it ends on March 27.   Enter here.

When I was in seventh grade, our required reading was The Hobbit.  I was immediately in love.  I shared this love with my son  and read it to him as he grew up.  When the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, I wished for The Hobbit, and I was delighted when it came in.  And now...here it is available on BluRay and The Mama Report has a giveaway for it!  The giveaway ends on March 30th so hurry.  Enter here.

When I lived in New England, one of my favorite things to do was to take road trips and pick up handmade soaps.  I was wrapped up both in location and just enjoying the unique scents and combinations people came up with.  I don't get that opportunity like I once did, but when possible I will snatch them up.  Needless to day when I saw that Plucky' Second Thought was hosting a giveaway of some amazing handmade soap from Rachael's Soaps I had to enter.  You should too.  The giveaway ends on March 29.  You can enter here.

We often take impromptu visits in town and like to sit on the grounds of the square.  Seeing the review of Monkey Mats at Thanks Mail Carrier made me realize that I need to get one of these things.  They are perfect for that quick sit down and sized just right.  Not only is there a great review but also a $35 Amazon gift card giveaway.  Don't miss out. Giveaway ends on April 9.  Enter here.

I have no good excuse for entering the Edwards pie giveaway other than, man I love pie!  Free pie is even better.  Thanks Mail Carrier has a giveaway for a coupon for a free yummy pie.  This giveaway ends on April 4.  Enter here.

If you like animation and have yet to see The Croods, sign up for the giveaway at Sippy Cup Mom.  There is a great prize pack including a coloring book, sweet stuffed animal and a $25 Visa gift card to go see the film. This giveaway ends on March 31. Enter here.


  1. I like to enter giveaways sometimes too, and I've won a few fun things! Good luck. :)

  2. I just love giveaways! I don't get into them as much as I used to, but I thought I would give myself at least one time a week to take a chance. :)