Monday, November 26, 2012

30 Days of Christmas Movies - Christmas With a Capital C

I love Christmas and I love Christmas movies.  Now ordinarily I go for more of a thriller or dark movie, but I thought it would be fun to really get into the spirit of the season by watching a new Christmas movie every day for thirty days before Christmas.  So here we are on to day number 2.

Movie 2
Christmas with a Capital C
PureFlix Entertainment

Starring Ted McGinley, Brad Stine, Nancy Stafford and Daniel Baldwin.

I initially was taken with the movie because I just love the Go Fish song also titled "Christmas with a Capital C."  I work at a Christian radio station, and kids always call asking for that song.  Christmas with a Capital C opens in a small town in Alaska called Trapper Falls.  The scenery is so beautiful that I was ready to move on the spot.  I love movies that capture areas so well.  Anyway, the townsfolk are getting ready for the Christmas season and see a car pulling into town along with a moving truck.  The owner of the car turns out to be Mitch a gentleman who grew up in the town and left for college and big city life as a lawyer. He pretty much brushed the snow off of his shoes many years before, so Dan (the mayor and  Ted's former rival) is a little suspicious  when Mitch says he is coming back to town and even more suspicious with Mitch's plans to pretty much put the town on the map as far as tourism goes.  

Things go downhill from there with Mitch annoyed at the town's Christmas display and Christians altogether.  It is obvious that Mitch is holding some pain inside.  Mitch is holding his own issues inside from pride with the town's traditions and his old rivalry bringing back old feelings.  Both learn the real reason for the season and that truly it isn't what is displayed on the town grounds that count, but the love you display to others.  

Christmas with a Capital C may have some silliness to it, but the message is definitely on point.  Everyone truly learns the meaning of Christmas and community.  It is nice seeing people in the town reach out with love to others.  There are quite a few comedic moments thanks to comedian Brad Stine (you can hear part of his act in the Go Fish song).  My husband and I both really enjoyed it.  I would give Christmas with a Capital C 3.5 candy canes.  :)  Check it out for free on Netflix streaming.

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  1. I had never heard of this movie! On Christmas Day I usually watch The Sound of Music - much to the derision of my better half! Have a great week.