Friday, November 23, 2012

How We Spend Black Friday


Today was a mellow day after Thanksgiving for our household.  My husband had to work.  This is not new.  He works for a car dealership (not a salesman) so he is ALWAYS working most holidays and after holidays.  For the last five years I haven't had to work holidays (YAY!), so I have been a huge Black Friday shopper.  Today though, I had no interest in going out for the Black Friday deals.

To be honest, the whole idea of Black Friday starting so very early just made me decide to take a step back. Now don't get me wrong.  I am not saying that I didn't shop.  I just shopped online and didn't leave the house for Black Friday shopping until about 11:00 am.  And it felt amazing!  I loved not standing in line at the registers, I loved not hearing people complain about other people cutting, I loved not seeing grumpy faced people trying to squeeze past others in order to get a great deal on a box of storage containers.  

This morning, I got up, made my husband a pot of coffee, and went back to bed.  Oh the joy of simply laying in bed and not having to get up!!!  Later, I relaxed with a good book, my son and I ate brunch together and when ready, we went to Game Stop to turn in a printout for a Power Reward that we earned.  We returned a movie at the grocery store and picked up a few much needed items.  And lastly I went to Family Christian Stores to pick up a few things that I really wanted.  All other Christmas shopping took place online in between my washing two loads of laundry and making turkey pot pie stew which is a great way to use up some turkey leftovers.  The whole day was lovely. I think I may make not doing Black Friday my new tradition!  :)

Tonight my husband and I enjoyed "Field of Dreams" together.  It was a nice step into the past for both of us.  If you haven't seen the movie in a while you should.  It is very sweet.  Of course the last ten minutes were just full of tears for me.  It gets me every single time. 


  1. That is a lovely way to spend Black Friday. I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done by the summer (don't shoot me!) so my weekend ritual in the three days that fall after Thanksgiving is to: pop on the Christmas music, start writing out my cards, decide what baked goods I want to fill the house this season, and pull down and start gilding the house with fond treasures from Christmas' past.
    Thanks for popping over from the Harvest Weekend Blog Hop!
    Wishing you peace to thoroughly enjoy the season!

    1. Felecia,
      You are my hero! When I lived in Maine a group of women I worked with and I used to work on getting our shopping done by Fall (usually by October), and I thought that was impressive. How do you do it?! It sounds like your home will be magical. I hope you post pictures. :)
      Thank you for stopping by!