Monday, November 19, 2012

Assessing My Messiness

Another picture from Carmel.  Such a pretty place.  Even a rusty ole bike is a nice addition.

Confession time:  I am not a neat gal.  Oh I'm neato, as in people really like me, but neat as in tidy?  Not happening.  I try.  Well, not terribly hard.  I more like try to want to be neat.  The fact is, as long as things are clean, I don't care  how neat they are.  When you are single this is no real big deal.  No one else feels the burn of your untidy ways, but when you are married and have children, this is not a good thing.

I married a guy who is the sweetest dude EVER.  He is also the neatest dude ever.  He was raised by a neat single mom.  She rubbed off on him.  I was raised by a neat single mom who used cleaning as an excuse to snoop.  So I made huge messes to keep her busy.  Too busy to snoop.  It worked for us.  This is not something that works good as a married couple.  My husband doesn't snoop, but I am still...well, sloppy.  Clean but sloppy.

Now I don't bring this up to say that it is some crazy bone of contention between us.  We have an amazing marriage and get along great.  I just know what my husband likes, and frankly I'm not giving it to him.  Really I need to find some new motivation.  I need to learn how to give a rat's patooty about it all.

I figure I am going to just work on some baby steps and do a little something every day that goes against my let-it-go-until-you-can't nature.  So today after work and doing some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, I worked on cleaning out the fridge.  I got out all the leftovers which was a nice start.  I still need to wipe it all out, but again, this was just a start.  I also did the dishes and a load of laundry.  Although the idea of all this cleaning still didn't excite me, I am glad I did what I did, and I will do more tomorrow.  The change isn't huge...yet.

I have toyed with picking up "I Used To Be So Organized" by Glynnis Whitwer.  The trouble is, I've never been organized so I am not sure if it will help.  Maybe I'll ask for it for a stocking stuffer. 

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