Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I just love how pretty the sky is reflected in this old building (a work in progress) in Jerome, AZ.  One of our favorite haunts in Arizona.  I took this picture around the end of the summer this year (2012).

 I entered a lot of giveaways last week, and one of the major questions was:  "What are you thankful for?"  I was surprised too at the few who asked people not to just say family or spouse.  The thing is, if I am going to count what I am most thankful for, second to my salvation it will be my family. 

I have a great kid.  He is 17 and has really given me very few reasons to worry.  He is kind to others, loyal and extremely respectful.  I was a single  mom for many years so we have that kind of relationship where we are entirely honest to each other and comfortable hanging out together.  I love him fiercely.  Next year he should be off to college.  THAT will be tough for me.  I imagine for him as well, but to me, ridiculously so.  As a single mom there were many years where every material item I purchased was second hand.  Even our silverware and plates.  This has caused him to have a real appreciation for what he has and also a solid understanding of wants and needs.  He prefers comfy jeans and t-shirts to jeans with embellished bums.  He'd much rather shop at Goodwill and Ross and spend wisely there so he can splurge on a good pair of sneakers elsewhere.  His only flaw is, like his mom, he's a bit untidy.  We'll get on that.

My husband is amazing.  He too is kind, loving, funny, and so very supportive.  When I was exhausted from working full time and also felt I was missing out because I couldn't spend as much time with my son.  He totally supported my changing my hours to part time.  When my feet are aching, he gives them a rub.  He says "I love you" without hesitation EVERY morning and EVERY night with lots of love in between.  He loves my cooking.  He laughs at all my jokes, and he never tires of telling me that he thinks I am beautiful.  he is good to me and my family.  He is my hero. 

I am thankful for my home.  We have a roof over our head when so many do not.  We can afford the home we live in.  We do not make a lot of money, but we make a living and we are blessed enough to be able to sponsor two children and really that is what life should be about.  That is enough and really so much.  :)  It is a really good life.

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