Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Music Music Music

I work as a midday host at a Christian radio station.  This gives me the opportunity to enjoy great music all day long.  

We are starting up our Christmas music this week, and I couldn't be any happier.  I absolutely love Christmas music!  This week I got to begin playing Mandisa's new song "Somebody's Angel" from her Christmas CD "It's Christmas - Christmas Angel Edition"  I love this woman!  I saw her at Women of Faith several years ago, and she just astounded me with her realness and of course stunning voice (her songs moved me to tears).  Seriously I admire her tremendously.  "Somebody's Angel" will be featured in the GMC television movie of the same title.  I'm bummed that we don't have GMC, because I would love to see it.  Here is Mandisa's official video for "Somebody's Angel" which contains clips from the movie.  You can catch the movie on Saturday night at 7 pm ET if you have GMC.

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  1. I love Mandisa. I didnt know she had a Christmas CD! I cant wait to get it. Thanks so much for visiting my site!