Saturday, January 12, 2013

Family Friendly Film Review - Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea

There are lots of great films out there and some with awesome messages.  However it can get harder and harder to find them.  I like to make a point of watching at least one family friendly or inspirational film a week.  I see it a little bit as modeling for my son but also it is important to me.  Having been raised with a brother seven years older, I truly cut my teeth on Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson films.  Yes, I too made guns out of Legos and whatever else I could get my hands on.  I love romance, but action and thrillers get me every time.  What also gets me, a story that touches the heart.  You can find a lot of stories just like this if make a point of looking for them via streaming Netflix and Amazon. 

Amazing Love - The Story of Hosea
Starring:  Sean Astin, Erin Bethea, Sammi Hanratty, Savannah Jayde, Terrance Hardy Jr., Kenton Duty, Creagen Dow, Tehmina Sunny, Elijah Alexander, and Patty Duke.

About the film: When a materialistic, self-involved teen threatens to ruin a youth group camping trip, the group's leader uses the conflict as an opportunity to share the story of the Old Testament prophet Hosea, who inspires true commitment and unconditional love.

My review:  Ashley, Carrie, Cooper, Steve and Gameboy are all going on a youth group camping trip with their youth pastor, Stuart and his wife Beth.  The kids are all pretty tight as many youth group kids are with the exception of Ashley.  Ashley is a beautiful girl who has a bit of a self-centered attitude.  She is going on the trip because her grandma is pushing her to go.  Her attitude is to just get through it.  This annoys Carrie to bits.  She doesn't appreciate Ashley's snobbishness and has her own preconceived notions about the new addition.  Steve however thinks that Ashley is just misunderstood and needs a chance.  Of course with a big chip on her shoulder, Ashley doesn't make it easy for anyone to give her that chance.  She feels no one understands her or what she has gone through.  

Things don't go terribly well with the kids and Stuart decides to share the story of Hosea and Gomer with the kids.  The story of Hosea is a story of God's love for His stiff necked, rebellious and disloyal people. 

Amazing Love is two stories in one.  The main one really is the telling of Hosea and Gomer.  The secondary, story involving the kids really unfolds first.  That part is good, but the real heart and soul that is going to get you is Hosea.  What is cool though is how in the end, it all really intertwines so well together.  Hosea learned how God felt when Israel turned their backs on Him and worshiped false idols.  He felt it on the level of being a man married to and in love with a woman who was completely unfaithful to him.  There was a line in the story that really hit home for me where Hosea is talking with God in anguished prayer not understanding how God would love this unlovable people who did not act loving toward Him.  He said "You love us because your love is not dependent on us."  Awesome right?

I am going to stop here in order to not give much away.  Although let's face it, you can read Hosea and get the gist of that story, but this one is really told well.  Yep, I kind of cried a bit.   

The movie  does not have difficult themes for kids.  I would say it is another story that would be acceptable for about ages 12 and up.  Just keep in mind that Gomer was not a very faithful chick.  Nothing is seen but her unfaithfulness is obvious. Check it out on Netflix streaming.  I give this movie four out of five big ole smiles. 


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  3. It sounds perfect for watching w/my 13-yr old. Thanks for the shout out.

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  4. Sounds like a good movie to add to my Netflix list. Thanks for the review and for stopping by my glob.

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  6. Oh my kelly! I love Christian and family movies too, we but a lot from I am going to tell my husband so we cam order this one too, I love the story Of Hosea, reminds me of God's love for me. Thanks a lot for sharing!
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