Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music Music Music - Plumb - Need You Now

I am a huge fan of Plumb since...well it seems like forever.  She has such an amazing voice.  Truly stunning and lyrically, she just knows how to touch to the heart.  Plumb (Tiffany Arbuckle) has a new album coming out on February 26th called "Need You Now."  For everyone who has had those moments where all they could do was cry out to God, this is a song for you.  Check it and the lyrics out with this lyric video.  Check Plumb out at her website.  Oh and a big PS...I am so picking up this album when it comes out!  I have been waiting too long for a new release!  :)

 If you would like to try out a sampler of Plumb's music, you can go to Noisetrade at this link. Leave a nice tip or spread the word for your download.  The download contains:

1- In My Arms 2- Beautiful History 3- Damaged 4- Blush 5- Cut (Bronleewe & Bose Radio Edit) 6- Hang On (Digital Dog Radio Edit)

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  1. I haven't heard of her until now, but she does have a smooth, soothing voice.