Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Friendly Film Review - Set Apart

I hope that Netflix continues to have streaming for family friendly films with a Christian message.  It is so nice having the opportunity to watch films that touch the heart and offer encouragement.  This weekend we watched "Set Apart."

Set Apart
Starring:  Richard Roundtree, John Schneider, Ary Katz, Brandon Wilson, Sarah Lilly, Randy Gunn, Heidi Gunn, Marina Shtelen, and Ronnie Alvarez. 

About the film:  Pastor John Gunn sends a group of urban youngsters to spend a summer on a working ranch, hoping they'll learn what city life can't teach them. With his brother and sister-in-law and a tough-love ranch hand, the kids gain some hard-earned wisdom.

My Review:  Set Apart lightly highlights the ministry of Power Company Kids Club and their work with inner city youth.  There are a few of the children that go to the Power Company Kids Club that are currently in what could be described as a high-crisis situation.  Two brothers are struggling with gang participation, one young man is caught up in a cycle of theft, and a young girl has lost it all.  When Pastor John's brother Randy and Randy's wife Heidi's ministry GunnPoint come near town for a cowboy mounted shooting event, John shares with them about these kids and their need to have a real life changing experience.  John feels that some time spent away from the city and the problems in their lives and instead spent on the Gunn ranch and with their ministry would be a huge help to these kids.  His brother agrees and the kids partake in a life changing experience.

Things do not happen easily at the ranch. There are new rules and new skills to learn.  The kids draw closer together and closer to the staff.  They begin to see themselves with a new confidence and working as a team instead of on their own brings a real change in their lives.  They also draw closer to God.

The movie itself is well acted.  There are some parts that my son described as corny, but it was sweet.  It also drew some tears out of me when I least expected it.  It is a low budget film with a good message that I think you'll enjoy.  There are violent situations but more implied and threatened.  This is not a movie for younger children.  I checked out the Dove rating, and they said that it was suitable for ages 12 and up.  I would agree with that.  The fact is a younger child is not going to get the message that it is giving.  It is not a film that a smaller child is going to relate to.  I will find some of those though.  :)

I would rate it four out of five smiles.  :)

I watched Set Apart via Netflix streaming.  It is also available for purchase at


  1. Hi Kelly! I'm visiting back from Living and homeschooling with a New Normal. Sorry for the delay but I just found your comment in my spam file. I have no idea why! I just watched this movie too. I liked it but agree with your son. some parts were a little corny. But it was a clean, realistic movie with a great message!
    Following you now and hope to meet again soon!

  2. Hey there! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award!

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  3. Thank you for your review. I will have to check this one out. I'm not sure if you've already seen it, but another really good family-friendly film to watch is "Facing the Giants."

    I wanted to stop on over to also let you know that you are this week's featured blogger at the Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

    Thank you for always sharing the hop and being an active participant. I really appreciate it! :-)

  4. I loved this movie! I watched it with my son when he was sick... he thought some parts were corny, too, but I know he enjoyed it. Following you everywhere...