Saturday, December 7, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies - Movie 3 - Christmas in Conway


Is it Christmas without Hallmark Hall of Fame?  Certainly not.  So of course when "Christmas in Conway" was announced, I had to set the DVR for a viewing.

Christmas in Conway

Starring:  Mary-Louise Parker, Andy Garcia, Mandy Moore, Riley Smith, Cheri Oteri, and Mark Jeffrey Miller.

About the film:  Usually I share a plot summary from Amazon or IMDB, but I really didn't find a good summary there and the one at Hallmark might as well just blow the whole film for you.  So here you go:  Natalie a home-care hospice nurse moves in with Duncan and Suzy as Suzy returns from the hospital after deciding that she wants to forgo any further chemo and spend her last days at home.  A distraught Duncan has to face that he cannot handle it all alone.

My review:  Christmas in Conway is the typical Hallmark Hall of Fame Film in that it is absolutely dear with enough conflict to furrow your brow and enough soft moments to have you grasping for a tissue.  

Initially I thought Christmas in Conway would focus on some sort of romance for young hospice nurse Natalie and while that is partially the case, the true romance is between Duncan and Suzy.  Duncan first enters the film as a rude and arrogant man, but when you realize that his wife is dying and has decided to stop the fight and finish of the remainder of her days at home, it makes some sense that he might be a rough soul.  As we learn more and more about Suzy and Duncan's romance, it becomes even more apparent that this man is tortured over the eventual loss of THE love of his life.

Being powerless to provide for certain aspects of her care, Duncan resigns himself to having a live-in hospice nurse, but he is hardly welcoming to Natalie or anyone else for that matter.  It is a long road of healing for this man.  The most important thing in Duncan's life is his wife, Suzy, and his decision to provide her with one last special gift is also the decision that just might bring healing to his broken heart.

Christmas in Conway is well written and acted.  There are definitely some obvious moments, but I figure there are some things that really don't need to keep us guessing.  The message of love is strong in this film and although loss is evidently going to rear its head, there is a joyful sadness in the film.  It was truly beautiful.

Here's the trailer:

You can preorder the DVD from Hallmark if you missed it at this link.   
PS I'm just adding that link in case you missed it.  It really is charming, and if you like Christmas movies, this just might be one, you would enjoy owning.

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