Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies - Movie 6 - Christmas Do-Over

The next film on my 25 Days of Christmas movies was "Christmas Do-Over."  With a child on the cover and Jay Mohr, I was pretty sure I would find something to enjoy.

Movie Six
Christmas Do-Over
Starring:  Jay Mohr, Daphne Zuniga, and Adrienne Barbeau

About the Movie (from Barnes & Noble): A ne'er do well father and ex-husband who always raced his way through the holidays is forced to relive Christmas Day time and again until he gets it right in this family oriented fantasy comedy starring Jay Mohr. It's Christmas time once again, and as usual Kevin (Mohr) is scrambling to get his son Ben a last minute gift before stopping by his ex-wife Jill's house for a quick swig of eggnog. Ben can't stand Jill's impossibly perfect new boyfriend, and the prospect of spending the entire evening with his former inlaws is nearly too painful to ponder. But this Christmas things are going to be different, because this Christmas might just last forever. At first Kevin resists the curious development by simply reverting to his childish ways, though he is about to find out that sometimes in order to build a better future one must finally make amends with the past.

My Review:  Kevin is definitely a bit on the self-centered side.  He is invited to his in-laws' home for a Christmas celebration and drags his feet the whole way.  He, of course, wants to see his son, but he is not really thrilled about family time with the ex, her family and her new boyfriend.  Of course Kevin's son is thrilled to have the family together and doesn't care about anything other than that and wishes that it was Christmas every day.  

In the fame of "Groundhog Day," Christmas repeats itself again and again with only Kevin realizing what is going on.  Kevin is not remotely delighted to spend the same day again and again with his ex and her family and acts out like the selfish man he is.  But a change may come if he is willing to open his heart and his eyes.  

"Christmas Do-Over" is a sweet Christmas film.  There is a lesson to be learned which makes it nice for the family.  Don't dig too deep though because there are a lot of things that would make you dismiss the magic of the sweet spot of this story.  Well, once Kevin stops being a creep.  :)  

I would give this one 3 Stars.  I liked it.  I would possibly watch it again, but it would not be a yearly thing. 

Here's the trailer:

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