Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hairvolution - From Emotional Hair Cutter to Satisfied Lover of Life

*There's a lot of beauty in the dings.  Don't you think?

Back when I was in my teens, twenties, and even thirties most of my hair changes revolved around relationships and breakups.  In High School all my girl friends had big hair and I had big hair, and my boyfriend loved that I had big hair.  We broke up a week before I graduated and everything changed.  I took off on a cross-country trip and went through a total transformation.  I kissed my can of Rave goodbye, stopped crimping and teasing my hair and instead began to braid my hair, I wove ribbons, daisies and embroidery floss in my hair, I walked in the rain and let it wash over me without worry of a sticky head, I transformed from East Coast into Crunchy Granola.  

As time went on and crushes and romances came and went, the different types of young men would change, but my response to breakups would not.  I would cut that man right out of my hair, or perm him out (well once, it was the time when spiral perms were the rage), or even color him out.  It was a way to tell the outside world that yes, I might be hurting, but I was still in control of me.

Then I met Scott, married at 40 (four days after my 40th) and the need to cut a man out of my hair disappeared.  I could cut my hair merely because I wanted to, and I did.  I reveled in the freedom of just choosing a color or cut because I wanted a different look and not because my insides were torn up from another relationship gone sour.  

I married my soul mate.  

My soul mate who liked long hair.

So two years ago, I stopped cutting it.  I did it because I knew he liked it.  I kind of was back to my old hippy hair.  I braided it as it grew, weaved floss in it again, and also just let it fly all wavy gravy.  It was all good.  Until I couldn't do a thing with it. I began to spin my hair into a bun or tie it back with a hair elastic.  I began to feel VERY dowdy.  Of course my soul mate loved my hair.  He loves long hair and most of all,  he loves me.  I could be bald (and came close thanks to a thyroid problem) and he would not care at all.  Instead of doing something drastic and different to my hair because of a guy, I kept things as-is because of a man.  And I didn't mind at all....until I did.  

So about three months ago, I brought up the idea of chopping my hair again to my husband.  Being the supportive man that he is, he was all for it.  He even suggested his stylist (who works wonders with his curly and cowlicked head).  I browsed Pinterest for just the right hair cut and after having one particular picture repinned over 455 times, I had my cut picked out.

Here it is though not me:

I got it from Juxtapost.  Now mine is more of a honey color (Truth, it was purple today and two days ago - long story- until I figured out how to fix that mess), but the cut is on point.   
My husband loves it.  

I love it too.

I love not having any emotional ties to what I do with my hair other than the tie of knowing that no matter what I do to it, my husband loves me.  He loves me more than the hair on my head, the weight on my body, and the baggage I have.  He's pretty incredible and I am definitely blessed.  If you have a relationship, how has it impacted you in even the small ways?

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  1. I bet it's a cute cut, short hair seems so easy, but I must admit I love my long hair!
    :) Danica